Speech Therapy

Communication is the essence of life. We understand that fact and offer the only outpatient speech therapy program in Alamogordo.

Imagine not being able to share a cup of coffee with a friend, or being a child and never enjoying a piece of pizza. The inability to swallow is devastating. Gallien Therapy is proud to offer a comprehensive dysphagia program. We offer electrical neuromuscular stimulation therapy, which is the latest in technology for treating patients with swallowing problems.

Our speech therapy program offers pediatric and adult services. Our therapist has extensive medical background, practicing in both the acute care/outpatient setting for 20 years. Expertise in evaluation and treatment of dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), stroke, traumatic brain injury, or neurogenic disease (ex. Parkinson’s Disease).

Pediatric services include evaluation and treatment of articulation disorders (difficulty with pronunciation of sounds), language delay, dysphagia (swallowing/feeding disorder), and specific disorders such as autism.

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