Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Why Specialize?

Gallien Therapy has only one focus; Orthopedic Physical Therapy. By specializing in just this one field of practice, we can provide our patients the most specialized care after an orthopedic injury or accident. We feel that having one focus leads to a better outcome for our patients.

Gallien Therapy understands the significance of each patient’s surgery after an orthopedic injury. Every person is unique and their rehab must reflect that fact. Our therapists tailor an individualized treatment plan for each patient. We know that rehabilitation is a team effort with patient, physician and physical therapist working together to gain the best results.

For over 2 decades, Ron Gallien has specialized in treating orthopedic injuries. He is a board certified orthopedic specialist, and has been for the last 20 years.

About Our Clinic

A 3,000 square-foot facility and friendly staff offer patients a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We want patients to feel at home and know that we care about their individual needs. LifeFitness equipment paired with our therapists’ with the tools needed to regain function after injury or accident.

Our Promise to Our Patients
  • Commitment to patient care
  • Specialty treatment in orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Individualized treatment program specific to each patient
  • A caring staff
  • Comfortable, friendly atmosphere
  • Open communication between patient & therapist
  • Education regarding your injury and the rehabilitation process
  • Team approach to therapy with patient, physician, and therapist working together toward a common goal
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