Joint Replacement Surgery

The highly skilled physical therapists at Gallien Therapy are experienced in working with regarding your pre and/or post joint replacement therapy program. We understand that painful knee, hip, or shoulder joint can affect your mobility and limit your participation in everyday activities. Your physical therapist can contribute to your successful recovery prior to and after joint replacement surgery.

Rehabilitation prior to joint replacement surgery (Pre-operative):

Prior to your joint replacement surgery, discuss the recovery and rehabilitation process with your orthopedic surgeon. Ask if physical therapy prior to your surgery is an appropriate treatment strategy for you. Your surgeon may decide that pre-operative physical therapy can complement your recovery plan. Our therapists will provide conditioning exercises to improve strength prior to surgery. Pre-operative physical therapy offers patients the opportunity to familiarize themselves with exercises, discuss assistive devices, and learn about the physical therapy process.

Rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery (Post-operative):

The goal of the physical therapy after joint replacement surgery is to help restore you to your highest level of function, improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Our experienced physical therapists complete a thorough evaluation and will discuss your goals post-operatively in order to develop a treatment program best suited to your individual needs. Your therapy program includes functional training to get you back to the activities you enjoy. Patient and family education are also provided. While our therapists provide encouragement as you work toward your goals, commitment and active involvement also plays a key role in recovery.

We look forward to helping you with a successful recovery.

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